We have a message for you.
The war against death began a long time ago. Most of the time it was just a dream, a painful longing rooted in the knowledge of our inevitable end. Along the road of our deepest wish, hard battles were fought, minds twisted and empires established.
Let's lay the foundation for a civilization, that one day will have the power to bring all the dead back, you included. It will be the greatest project ever. Even a failure will be magnificent. Only giving up is not an option.

Preview of Manifesto

Some pictures.

Longevity in our time
Our will is the greatest gamechanger.
Wasting our potential is a crime.
To be.Period.
Vital civilizations strive to bring all the dead back.
To be continued
To be continued
To be continued
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The Grand Project is a short presentation of our message and an invitation to participate. Downloadable as pdf or as epub-version. Send it to friends and acquaintances.

The Grand Project.

Our quest
We have a message for you.