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There is hope
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if we are smart.
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Excerpt from chapter 0
The war against death began a long time ago. Most of the time it was just a dream, a painful longing rooted in the knowledge of our inevitable end. Along this road of our deepest wish, hard battles were waged, empires established, and minds twisted. Art, poetry, literature, and science got their specific input from this widespread longing not to die. Eventually, humans rose from their slumber, and more solid proposals on how to solve this problem saw the light of day. Has the time finally come for the next step on this road?
Yes. Because soon it might be too late.
Excerpt from table of contents
  1.1 D.i.o
  1.2 Scientific
  1.3 Some kind of brain
  2.1 Almost impossible
  2.2 An adaptive and semi-dogmatic organization
  2.3 Some reflections on false models of reality
  2.4 Apocalypse, survival and reboot
  3.1 Who are the targets?
  3.2 Who are the performers?
  3.3 Limitations?
  3.4 The highest possible endeavor?
  4.1 Harsh conditions
  4.2 Requisites for a resurrection
 10.1 For whom?
 10.2 General guidelines
 10.3 Being a member
Quotes from the book
Chapter 3.1 Who are the targets?

Every sentient being who ever lived. Not only humans but all animals and other beings with consciousness, regardless of their origins and place in the universe.

Chapter 3.3 Limitations?

The only limits should be those which prevent the destruction of the human potential to do what might be possible in the very long run when it comes to our quest.

Chapter 5.5 To live again, you must die

The problem of personal identity lies at the core of resurrection. Is the awareness about it the problem in itself?

Chapter 5.6 If you can't get the best

If a perfect resurrection is impossible, go for similarity. We hold the opinion that creations similar to us are better than nothing.

Chapter 6.2  Some reflections on getting active

...Do not hesitate out of principle. Don't let tradition bind your thoughts or actions...

Chapter 6.3 Proposed activities

When aiming high, one should never be naive about the risks coming from other human beings.

Chapter Entryism

Reinventing the wheel is not always necessary. Instead of endless reading and writing about different conspirations, create the biggest one yourself. Don't just be a part of it. Be the conspirator.

Chapter 10.6 Call of duty

- Only a God can do what's proposed in the manifesto.
- Well, what are we waiting for...

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